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Wake up to the sound of indigenous mountain birds, and sleep cuddled with our complimentary hot water bottles to the rhythm of the brook flowing by at the Camp Kasbah site. The brave ones can take a dip in our natural pool carved from the nearby rivulet, or cross the brook to walk through village fields and farms to reach the landing site.

Camp Kasbah Bir offers 10 luxury Swiss cottages equipped with modern amenities and deluxe interiors. Nestled in the quaint valley of a pahadi village at the foothills of the Dhauladhar range, the camp is a short walk away from the hustle-bustle of the paragliding landing site in the Tibetan Colony.

The camp is run by our family that is native to Bir, and we want to invite you on this journey of exploring the exotic side of our home.

Our Camps

Bir is a village situated at the foothills of Himalayas in west Himachal Pradesh. The village is noted worldwide for its ecotourism, adventure travel, spiritual studies and natural beauty.

The twin villages of Bir-Billing are regarded by international paragliding groups as the second best paragliding site in the world after Lake Como in Italy. Apart from that, it is a haven for nature enthusiasts interested in activities like treking, camping, fishing etc. The best time to fly are during the October-November season and February-April season.

Camp Kasbah Bir Resort was launched in 2018 as a travel destination for individuals, groups, families as well as to Coroporate Groups. We provide budget packages for different kind of travellers.


House Keeping
Parking Space


Heavenly Flights.

Experience the world's best paragliding spot with us in the village of Bir, we provide you with all the necessary things for a Heavenly Flight.

Singing Rivers

The peaceful river named Chamba signs a special song for our guests . Chamba flowing thorugh the estate offers a spot to relax and forget the city life.

Peaceful Monastries

There are 4 major Tibetan monasteries in the Bir-Billing region, with unique charms of their own. Guests can rent bicycles or motorcycles at the campsite and ride up the picturesque path to Palpung Sherabling Monastery (7 km away) or just walk from the camp to Choukling Monastery (1.5 km) in Chougan and explore the curated Tibetan arts at the Tibetan colony while you’re at it.

Reach Here

Approximate distances from:
Manali: 175 Km
Chandigarh: 250 Km
Delhi: 515 Km

Important Connecting Points
Nearest Airport: 65 Km ( Kangra Airport)

Camps are located approximately 3 Km form the Paragliding spot, in the heart of Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh. The easiest and most flexible option is to come by road

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